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The Key-words: innovation, functionality, elegance, simplicity and high quality.
The functional system of headwall, wall system and casework perfectly combines design and technology.
From emergency department to wards, intensive care and specialist care units, the Nextsystem caters to the next generation of hospitals, providing designers with a highly configurable platform that is technologically implementable.




A healthcare space that we can say is perfect today may not be in the future.
The Nextsystem is a flexible and modular system able to adapt to the continual need to change. It’s elements can be re-modulated with ease, the utensils are accessible and implementable, damaged components can easily be maintained or replaced.


The Nextsystem allows quick access to the cavity behind the wall through the simple removal of the claddings. This implies shorter interruptions and time needed for repairs.


High performance and resistant materials with high antibacterial properties. Module claddings are made with an overlapping geometry to minimise the penetration of liquids. Antibacterial silicone sealing trim and coplanar surfaces guarantee the maximum in cleanliness.


The Nextsystem has been designed and produced to satisfy every need of the healthcare environment using the very best materials available on the market, robust and with Class 1 fire protection certificate.


The Nextsystem is a certified Class IIB medical device that complies with EU Directive 93/42/EEC.


Integrated design that organises the space for hospital stays.
Modular, versatile, ergonomic, the Headwall system and Wallsystems are characterised by the materials selected, the use of colour, the efficient lighting system, the range of advanced solutions integrated for the different health sectors, simplicity in the reconfiguration and implementation of the different elements.
The system is entirely designed and manufactured in-house, subject to strict checks and controls that are indispensable to obtain the necessary certification.


Prefabricated steel structure, designed to simplify and speed up the mounting stages.
The functional system of headwall and wallsystem are available prewired. Thanks to the large selection of elements, materials, finishes and colours to choose from, the modular system furnishes maximum flexibility and availability to the creation of new claddings.
The design, inspired by the modularity, allows you to reduce waste and lengthen the life cycle of products , in the light of possible new implementation requirements and reconfiguration.

Patient Room

Hospitalization area. Wide range of modules.

Critical Care

For specialized departments. A wide range of customizable elements.

Exclusive Suite

The new concept dedicated to hospital stay. Versatility and flexibility.

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