Modular, antibacterial, and patient-oriented bathroom.

Maximum comfort
and safety

The SANIPRO modular bathroom maintains a perfect balance between comfort and the high hygiene standards required by hospital construction. Digitally printed glass panels create infinite scenarios enhanced by a lighting system that emphasizes and adds depth to the space while always respecting the conditions of fragile patients.

Covered with a series of panels spaced 4mm apart and fixed with a simple top-down movement. The composition is designed to allow easy and rapid disassembly for necessary repairs, maintenance, or upgrades.

An antibacterial seal – PE 3621 PLATINE – treated with special additives in the form of silver ions is inserted into the vertical joints of the panels, neutralizing the growth of microbes, bacteria, and mold.

Contributes to humanizing medical care. The customizable image aims to instill a sense of calm and tranquility in the patient, even in a confined space.

Progetti realizzati

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