Integrated system of headwall, wall system, and casework for intensive care units, patient rooms, emergency departments, and outpatient clinics.

Class IIB medical device compliant with the European Directive 93/42/EEC.

An integrated and modular system for maximum functionality

Cutting-edge technology meets design to offer a functional modular system, a superior aesthetic layout, and a simple reconfiguration, as well as implementation, of additional components. In addition to the modules designed for hospital rooms, the system is implemented with additional elements and accessories that allow new configurations of headwalls and caseworks functional to emergency departments, emergency areas, and outpatient clinics.

The element on which the entire structure rests on which leveling depends. It consists of three galvanized steel profiles with a thickness of 12/10, coupled together in a telescopic structure equipped with an integrated leveling device.

A structure in galvanized steel with uprights and crosspieces that allows quick access for maintenance and system implementation. The upright allows the use of particular snap-threaded inserts for the fixing of electrical cabinets, medical gases, light sources, call system, and suspended accessories.

Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, compressed air, and vacuum with hermetic closure systems.

The metal boxes are equipped with magnetic seal closure systems that allow high hermetic sealing.

Made of 20/10 galvanized steel sheet coated with 80-micron epoxy powders, RAL 9003 white finish, and a front profile in coated aluminum extrusion with a sealing gasket.

Stainless steel with a snap fastening system from top to bottom, practical and safe, thanks to the special studs.

The panels are equipped, along the horizontal joint, with an overlapping wedge profile that reduces the penetration of liquids into non-visible areas, preventing the spread of bacteria. The vertical joints, instead, are equipped with a silicone antibacterial gasket PLATINICO PE 3621.

Materials, Colors,
and Lighting

The choice of materials allows for the creation of modern healthcare centers where people’s needs are central to the success of care. We also consider colors and lighting management as additional fundamental aspects for the well-being of patients, with various options available including ambient light, reading light, and night light.

An advanced composite of acrylic resin and natural minerals superior to all other materials used in healthcare environments. Inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and fire-resistant: Corian proves to be suitable for combating nosocomial infections as well as responding to the regulatory needs of healthcare facilities. Performance and hygiene certified respectively by the independent German organization LGA QualiTest GmbH and in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO 846.
Eco-friendly and natural. Completely recyclable but also resistant to aggressive chemical agents. Properly treated, it maintains its characteristics of scratch, impact, and abrasion resistance. Compared to other materials used, it better preserves its aesthetic, chemical, and mechanical properties. The wall covering consists of a tempered, silk-screened, or coated glass sheet, combined with a support panel in 10/10 galvanized sheet metal.
Highly hygienic and antimicrobial. The 12 mm HPL COMPACT laminated panels have exceptional mechanical, physical, and chemical resistance characteristics. They require little maintenance and are made up of several layers of cellulose fiber material, impregnated with thermosetting resins. The Sanitized® treatment makes them particularly suitable for hospital uses.
The HPL Light composite panel, made with three layers of material, has an internal MDF support and two layers of 1 mm HPL, for a total thickness of 12 mm. The performance of the HPL light panel is almost equivalent to the compact HPL panel, both in terms of mechanical, physical, and chemical resistance, and in terms of antibacterial treatment, based on silver ions, Sanitized®. The panels are equipped on the inside with vertical racks in 10/10 galvanized sheet metal fixed to the panel by EURO screws. The assembly on the substructure takes place with a movement from top to bottom. The particular hole pattern of the uprights makes this movement self-centering.
The basic configuration includes ambient ceiling light, a wall lamp for reading, and an emergency light located near the bed. Above the equipped wall, an indirect integrated light and an RGB LED light for chromotherapy are provided. A LED spotlight, directed towards the patient, facilitates reading or conversation. A dedicated home automation system allows light management with Touch control NAVILUX®: capacitive technology and acoustic and luminous feedback.

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