Technical, modular and configurable wall

Customize walls and configure the healthcare area

Technical Walls offer a tailored solution that allows for various uses with a dynamic and safe approach, thanks to interchangeable and sanitizable modules. Each component can change its position based on usage needs and is suitable for complete sanitization, ensuring a sterile environment free from contaminants.

The BioCote® active agents can reduce up to 86% of the bacterial load present on a product protected with paint within 15 minutes, and up to 99.5% in just 2 hours.

ANSI Grade I certified hinge (over 100,000 cycles), made with a solid structure of tempered steel in zinc and aluminum die-cast – 270° opening angle on the pin and with a 3D adjustment system. Equipped with a mechanical device that allows the perfect closure of the door.

The internal structure of the drawer is entirely made of polished stainless steel, 1mm thick. The self-centering guides with total and cushioned exit provide precise and silent opening movement.

All components, base structure, columns, and wall units are designed to use a certified antibacterial silicon sealing strip along the entire perimeter.

The doors and fronts are made of DuPont™ Corian®, 12mm thick, obtained from a single slab, without welds to offer maximum impact resistance. The door features special threaded inserts in tempered steel embedded in the material, allowing the hinges to be fixed to the panel using metric stainless steel screws. Doors with glass sections are equipped with 5mm tempered safety glass and extra-clear finish perfectly integrated into the door, ensuring a uniform surface for easy sanitation.

The worktops are entirely made of DuPont™ Corian®. The faucet, equipped with a clinical lever, has a rounded and compact shape designed to facilitate its cleaning. Worktops in linear and angled compositions are perfectly welded together into a single piece following the layout of the underlying brickwork.

All modules intended for the ISO side storage system are equipped with internal injection-molded ABS side panels to support ISO 60×40 trays. Special rollers inside the side panels ensure smooth movement for loads up to 15 kg. The internal side panel prevents the baskets from falling during opening to avoid accidental drops.

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