A medical shelter designed to provide an effective response to health emergencies.

Swift Emergency Management and Increased Healthcare Space

The HEALTHSHELTER medical shelter offers a fast-deployable intensive care space equipped with integrated electrical, medical gas, and air treatment facilities. It allows for synergistic operation with an existing hospital structure or independent deployment, catering to various scenarios while meeting the highest healthcare standards. At the end of an emergency, the system is easily disassembled for convenient stacking and storage in designated areas, ready for the next use.

Corrosion resistance, structural robustness, and thermal stability ensure a secure and reliable environment even in adverse conditions.

These systems are located externally to ensure swift access for maintenance without disturbing or moving the patients.

A double-glass window enables rapid patient monitoring, observing vital parameters and overall well-being.

Thermal insulation and unbeatable protection for quick access to the rooms. When combined with additional shelter modules, the entry can also change.

Quick to disassemble at the end of an emergency, making it easily stackable and storable in designated areas, ready for the next use.

Each module is equipped with an independent pressure reduction panel for AIR – VACUUM – OXYGEN, featuring inlet and outlet interception valves.

Additional electrical provisions are integrated within the module walls.

Two clinical and emergency alarm signaling units are included, one inside the module and one outside.

Full ambient lighting ensures medical teams have a complete view of the patient and tools within the medical shelter.

Contributes to humanizing medical care. The customizable image aims to instill a sense of calm and tranquility in the patient, even within the medical shelter environment.

Provides lasting and hygienic protection, reducing bacterial growth and ensuring an easy-to-clean surface thanks to the PVC flooring with integrated coving.

Each module is equipped with an integrated and independent air treatment system. The system guarantees:

  • 12 air exchanges per hour
  • Negative pressure inside the module (-15Pa)
  • HEPA 14 absolute filters.

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