Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

Maximum specialization with a wide range of clinical functions.

Modular and Flexible
Optimizes the space, making it functional and comfortable.
Comfort and space to enhance the well-being of patients, medical teams, and caregivers.
Antibacterial materials and finishes that are easy to clean.
Allows quick access to the wall to minimize downtime.

he headwall for Critical Care is carefully installed concerning medical functions. All devices are positioned laterally at a convenient height for medical teams.

Clinical equipment is positioned to allow good ergonomics. Given the need for multiple devices,
outlets, switches, and equipment are implemented and placed within the easy reach zone for healthcare workers.

2a. Modules equipped with primary clinical services for patient care: medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, data outlets, monitor stands.

2b. Modules equipped with additional services dedicated to patient care: medical device accessories.

Modules equipped with additional services for medical staff, including computers, gel dispensers, glove box holders, and waste container holders.

Oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, compressed air, and vacuum with hermetically sealed closure systems.

Metal boxes equipped with magnetic gasket closure systems, ensuring high hermeticity. Each function corresponds to a recognizable color, allowing inspection at any time.

The panels are equipped, along the horizontal joint, with an overlapping wedge profile that reduces the penetration of liquids into non-visible areas, preventing the spread of bacteria. The vertical joints, instead, are equipped with a silicone antibacterial gasket PLATINICO PE 3621.

Intensive Care Unit projects


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Future intensive care units will utilize AI-assisted monitoring, telemedicine for specialist consultations, personalized treatment plans, and real-time data analysis for critical patient care, improving the success of treatments.

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