Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

Comfort for the patient within a functional environment for medical teams.

Modular and Flexible
Optimizes the space, making it functional and comfortable.
Comfort and space to enhance the well-being of patients, medical teams, and caregivers.
Antibacterial materials and finishes that are easy to clean.
Allows quick access to the wall to minimize downtime.

Characterized by particular attention to the positioning of services. To overcome any difficulty, the devices are placed at the bedside, at a convenient height for the patient. The modules feature a light system: ambient, reading, examination, and night lighting with variations in chromatic and emergency lighting.

The equipment layout provides excellent ergonomics. In this area, the outlets, switches, and devices are placed within the ergonomic reach zone for easy use by healthcare professionals.

2a. Modules equipped with primary clinical services for patient care: medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, data ports.
2b. Modules equipped with additional services dedicated to patient care and other necessary medical devices.

2a. Moduli dotati di servizi clinici primari per la cura del paziente: prese gas medicali, prese elettriche, prese dati.

2b. Moduli dotati di servizi aggiuntivi dedicati alla cura del paziente e ulteriori necessari dispositivi medici.

For family members staying in the room, the dedicated area is equipped with shelves, electrical outlets, and lighting points.

A wall covering system equipped with medical equipment, the technical part of the room.

An equipped wall with columns and wall units, part of the production, complemented by new elements. It serves to blend the patient’s resting space with the living area. It features a wardrobe, storage units for personal items, a safe, a workstation with a desk, drawers, and electrical outlets.

The wallsystem paneling system can add additional sliding elements used to hide the TV when not in use.

A new storage module housing the kettle, minibar, and essentials to prepare a hot beverage or enjoy something cold.

Patient rooms projects


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The future patient rooms will be equipped with intelligent sensors, AI-based patient monitoring, access to telemedicine, personalized treatment plans, and interactive portals for patients, ensuring a rejuvenating hospital stay.

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