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HEALTHSHELTER → Module For Emergencies - Medical Shelter

HEALTHSHELTER is the answer, from Casaluci Healthcare, to promptly face medical emergencies.
A module designed complying to the highest medical standards, very easy and fast to install, ready for use since it is provided of integrated electrical, gases and air treatment systems.
In a serious medical emergency, when there is no time to build new wards or hospitals, HEALTHSHELTER is a modular ICU completely independent, yet is able to immediately work in synergy with the existent hospital.
HEALTHSHELTER by Casaluci Healthcare is a health Care Shelter also fast to dismantle at the end of the emergency, and to stock in dedicated areas, ready for a future use.

Strutture modulari per terapia intensiva
Terapia intensiva modulare
Strutture modulari per terapia intensiva
Container medicale

1. External structure in Corten steel.
2. Integrated electrical, gases and air treatment systems.
3. Control window.
4. Hermetic stainless steel doors.

Air management negative pressure.

5. Thermal insulation with mineral wool slabs.
6. Light sources are of LED type.
7. Hermetic ceiling with painted steel tiles.

8. Integrated horizontal BHU.
9. Modular paneling in stainless steel with antibacterial coating.
10. Floor in PVC soldered in one single piece with round skirting perfectly connected to the walls.

Air treatment and conditioning

In each module is implemented and independent air treatment system, that guarantees:
• 12 minimum air changes per hour;
• Negative pressure inside the module (-15Pa);
• Absolute HEPA 14 filters installed.

Medical gases

Each module is provided with a panel of pressure reduction, independent for AIR – VACUUM – OXYGEN, with shut-off valves in entrance and exit.
Two units for the alarms signalization are included (clinical and emergency) one inside the module and one outside.

Nurse call system

Electrical equipment
Inside the module, additional electrical terminations are provided, all perfectly integrated in the thickness of the wall.


IP camera to monitor the patient

Easy implementation

Easy implementation – multiple configurations

Block of 12 intensive care units
20” container modules
No 12 – Intensive care unit
No 1 – Entrance/triage module
No 1 – Dressing area with WC
No 1 – Monitoring area
No 1 – Undressing area with WC
No 1 – Store/disposal module
No 1 – Exit module
No 4 – Corridor

Additional modules upon request:

  • Decompression unit for oxygen and air, and endocavitary aspiration unit
  • Ups general electrical panel
  • Engine-generator
  • Water management unit with clean water and waste storage tanks

Fast to dismantle at the end of the emergency, and to stock in dedicated areas, ready for a future use.


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