The Policlinico of Bari, also known as Giovanni XXIII Hospital, is a significant specialized hospital and has been home to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bari since 1996. The complex is divided into two main structures: the Policlinico, located in the Picone district, and the pediatric hospital “Giovanni XXIII,” which was integrated on January 1, 2005.





Operating block


Corian and glass walls with digital printing
Workstation and touch control panel
Stainless steel doors
Hermetically sealed ceiling
RGB lamps


Corian DuPont
Glass walls with digital printing

With a strong commitment to a patient-centered approach aimed at improving the physical, emotional, and psychological conditions of patients, the Policlinico of Bari has opted for the adoption of our advanced SINTESY system. This system has enabled the creation of three highly specialized and personalized operating rooms.

The SINTESY system allows for the design of tailored and highly functional environments. The Corian walls are equipped with outlets for medical gasses and electricity, a ventilation system, and are fully integrated with hospital equipment and furnishings. In addition to functionality, particular attention has been paid to aesthetics. The colors of the backlit glass walls or digitally printed walls, representing some of the most iconic spots in Bari, contribute to instilling a sense of security and comfort, promoting relaxation for both the medical team and patients.

Within the scope of this project, we have also managed the installation of the hermetically sealed ceiling, the ceiling panels, and RGB lamps. A workstation equipped with a touchscreen control panel for home automation management of all operating room parameters has been included, and finally, the stainless steel doors complete the setup.

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