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Natural application of our philosophy in the turnkey production of operating blocks, critical areas, preparation/resuscitation rooms.
Solutions characterized by maximum of comfort, high technology, excellent aesthetic and safety.
SINTESY is the natural development of THE NEXTSYSTEM design philosophy applied to the production and installation of prefabricated operating rooms.
With the SINTESY, Casaluci Healthcare offers design, manufacturing, installation, continuous assistance and constant monitoring for the turnkey production of operating blocks, operating theaters, preparation/resuscitation rooms, surgeons’ room, scrub, sterilization and deposits and critical areas designed for maximum comfort and safety.
Design and production are performed in the same physical space, that allows high product quality and short production time.

Backlit digitally printed glass.

Paneling system
Self-supporting structure in galvanized steel and a rich range of materials and finishes for the paneling, all highly cleanable and antibacterial.
• Coated stainless steel with antibacterial treatment BioCote®
• Solid Surface Corian® DuPont™
• HPL Sanitized
• Back-painted or digitally printed glass

Hermetic sliding door.

Control touch screen panel C/ CONTROL® for operating theaters, from where medical staff can control easily and intuitively all the parameters of the operating room (lights, ventilation, call system, video, gases).

Digital clock designed specifically for operating theaters where are shown, besides the time and chronometer functions, all the alarms: state of the IPS, overpressure, gases, UPS, anesthetic gas.

Metallic ceiling perfectly connected to the wall paneling; the modular structure and the special polyurethane gaskets guarantee the compliance to the standards for hermetic sealing.
The LED light fixtures are available also with RGB color variation system.

Module for gas outlets with hermetic closing system.

Workstation module designed to hold monitor, PLC and keyboard, with assisted lifting system that facilitates the access to the interior and allows for a safe execution of the maintenance.

Exhaust air modules to guarantee the compliance to the ISO5 class for operating theaters. The grilles and the ducts in stainless steel or aluminum are perfectly integrated with the paneling.

Module for electrical sockets
The special metallic back box, provided of closing system with magnetic gasket, allows for an ease of access and a hermetic closing.


The wide range of solutions can be adapted to spaces of different sizes and satisfy the most sophisticated requests, can be adapted to serve more numerous teams, and support them in their work with tools and technologies in constant evolution.
As in THE NEXTSYSTEM, design and materials come together with the search for optimal solutions resulting in a very wide range of products and combinations.
The customization of the system is made possible by the analysis during the design phase in close contact with the client, which allows the identification of all the variables and needs that may develop over time.
The very wide range of available solutions allows the creation of spaces capable of responding to the needs of operators and the need for patient safety.
The attention to offering safe environments starts from the design phase and is not limited to the exclusive use of compliant and certified materials. The implementation of safety and comfort in the environment, is a characterizing element of the SINTESY, including the contamination control in different types of hospital environments.
Comfort, quality, flexibility, safety, innovation, identify the system, from design phase to installation and use.
The versatility, flexibility and customization that have identified Casaluci Healthcare since its beginnings are confirmed once again with SINTESY and the entire production range.



Prefabricated wall system: quality in design, manufacturing and materials, modularity and safety characterize the walls of the SINTESY. Available in many colors, the prefabricated walls by Casaluci Healthcare are specifically designed for the operating theater, the critical areas and the hybrid spaces in a hospital.


In the walls can be integrated different types of doors, automatic or manual, with sliding or hinged lids, a wide range of solutions, to satisfy the specific needs in the different areas of a hospital.


Characterized by a concealed structure, an easy installation of the panels and a certified sealing. Casaluci Healthcare with the SINTESY provides both, a ceiling system with powder coated finishing for use in general areas in the hospital, and an air tight sealed ceiling system with an antimicrobial coating specific for the use in operating theaters and critical areas.


The steel structure is anchored using special adhesives to provide an ideal support to the base on the floor. The floor finish can be provided in different materials.


SINTESY is performing and customizable to guarantee the compliance to the most high quality standards in matter of aesthetics and functionality, and to satisfy all the specific needs of the medical staff, clients and structures. To reach this objective the SINTESY offers a wide range of tailor-made products to guarantee the maxim of comfort, functionality and safety.

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