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THE NEXTSYSTEM → Patient room

THE NEXTSYSTEM innovates and organizes the patient space, by its integrated, flexible and modular headwall solution.
The patient room by Casaluci Healthcare extends comfort, accessibility, functionality, quality and safety to the entire space of the patient room.
A room designed to integrate the last technologies in the healthcare sector, and bearing in mind that the attendance of the relatives is an important part of the hospital stay, yet reducing to zero the risk of possible interferences with the medical staff.
Aware of the latest studies about how a well designed room can lead to an increased satisfaction of patients, less accidents, less infections, shorter stays and also a decrease of painkillers used, Casaluci Healthcare designs and manufactures patient rooms putting the patient, his relatives and the medical staff at the center of the design, always integrating the rooms with the structure were they will be installed.
The use of the 3D technology allows the complete control over the entire process of manufacturing and installation.
Entirely designed and manufactured in-house, the patient room by Casaluci Healthcare is made unique by the attention to detail and the carefullness during the execution of the tests necessary for the certification.

THE NEXTSYSTEM → Headwall e Wallsystem

A perfect union of aesthetics, use of materials, innovation and technology is the ideal ward, the core of the Nextsystem.
The atmosphere is intimate, welcoming, versatile, ductile. Made to measure for patients, their families, healthcare workers and medical staff.
The surface is the interface of the technology. Beyond the aesthetics, the functionality provides ease of access to the instruments.
Innovation opens to solutions. Wise combination of colours and materials that ensure comfort. Attention to detail is everywhere.


The concept of an ideal hospital room. The colours that differentiate between the patient, medical and family areas. The environment is warm and comfortable. The chromatic choice and range, and the particular concept of the ambient lighting guarantee a serene and calm environment.


The patient area is characterized by the attention paid to the positioning of the services. The devices are placed laterally to the bed at a comfortable height for the patient.
The arrangement of the equipment in the clinical area allows excellent visibility and ergonomics. The devices and switches are within the ergonomic zone. The modules are equipped with primary clinical services and additional services for further necessary medical devices. The family area is equipped with shelves, electrical outlets and lighting.

Characterised by it’s particular attention paid to the position of the services. To avoid difficulties, the devices are positioned laterally to the bed. The modules are equipped with a light management system: ambient lighting, reading/visit, night-light with chromatic light variation.

The clinical equipment is positioned to allow good visibility and ergonomics. Sockets,
switches and devices are placed inside the ergonomic area to facilitate their use by the medical staff.
2a The modules with primary clinical services for patient care: medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, data ports, accessory bar and monitor support.
2b Modules with additional services dedicated to patient care and ulterior necessary accessories for medical devices.

For family members who may stay in the room, this dedicated area is outfitted with electric sockets, lights and shelves for portable objects.


THE NEXTSYSTEM is distinguished for its choice of materials and the innovative geometric configuration that make the product totally antibacterial.
The panels are equipped, along the horizontal junction, with an overlapping wedge-shaped profile that prevents the penetration of liquids in non-visible areas, preventing the spread of bacteria. The vertical joints are fitted with an anti-bacterial silicone sealing trim “PLATINIC PE 3621” which satisfies all necessary requirements.
Additives in the form of silver ions neutralize the growth of microbes, bacteria and mold.
The antibacterial materials are long lasting as the ions present within the compound are released progressively. The flatness of the surface guarantees absolute washability.


The structure rests on a leveling base consisting of three 12/10 THK galvanised steel profiles, coupled together in a telescopic structure with an integrated leveling device complete with adjustment feet. Thanks to the particular construction, the mounting is easy.
The frame module is made of a 12/10 THK galvanised steel structure (mullions and transoms). The precise geometry ensures easy maintenance and implementation of the system. The profile is arranged for the easy snap installation of the cladding.
The geometry guarantees ease in all the operations from maintenance to implementation of the system.
It is possible to install structural reinforcements onto the substructure.
Implementable technological devices.
Modules, supplied mounted and complete with accessories.

THE NEXTSYSTEM → Materials, Colours and Lighting

Wood, Corian, Glass, HPL.
In the identification of the materials nothing is left to chance.
The woods used in the furnishings are designed to create a warm familiar atmosphere. The patient is immersed in a feeling of well-being.
Corian , glass , HPL meet the needs of the newly developed health centers, more and more safety-oriented.
In environments the lighting is essential. The quality of light affects the well-being of the patient and facilitates health care.
Ambient lighting, reading light, night light, the vast selection guarantees the different needs.


Corian Panels

The DuPont™ Corian® is a composite of advanced minerals and natural acrylic resins, primarily in tri-hydrate aluminum. The material is inert, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and possesses inherent flame retardant properties, adequate for the fight against unknown infections. It is hygienic and complies with the demanding requirements of the healthcare environment.
The performance of DuPont ™ Corian® has also been certified by the Independent German organization LG + A QualiTest GmbH. Rigorous tests comparing fungus and bacteria and the ease of cleaning has rendered the product highly superior to those normally used in healthcare.
It is hygienically certified under International Standard DIN EN ISO 846.

Glass Panels

Glass is a natural, environmentally friendly material, it has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and is resistant to chemicals, disinfectants and the aggressive detergents used in hospitals.
Properly treated, it is scratch resistant, shockproof, anti-abrasive, and compared to other materials, it best preserves its aesthetic appearance against chemical and mechanical treatments, and more-over, it is completely recyclable. THE NEXTSYSTEM wall is coated in a glass plate combined with a galvanized sheet 10/10 thick as a support panel. The glass is tempered ensuring absolute safety, ESG 8mm thick, with the underlying surface screen printed or painted to achieve the desired colour.

HPL Compact Panel

Highly hygienic and antimicrobial
The 12mm THK compact HPL laminated panels have a high density (≥ 1, 35 g/cm3) and boast exceptional characteristics in mechanical, physical and chemical resistance.
They are easy to work with and require minimum maintenance.
The panels consist of layers of cellulose fibre impregnated with thermosetting resins. The layers are bonded together by simultaneously applying heat (140/150°C) and pressure for a predetermined time depending on the type of lamination. This creates a material that is stable, homogeneous, non-porous, and highly dense, with physical and chemical characteristics completely different to its original components, giving exceptional resistance to scratching, shock, abrasive chemicals and heat.
It is highly hygienic and antibacterial. Treated with Sanitized®, makes it suitable for applications in hospital environments.

HPL Light Panels

The HPL light panel is a composite panel, composed of three layers of materials. The internal support in MDF and two layers of HPL 1mm THK, develop an overall thickness of 12mm.
The performance of the HPL light panel is almost equivalent to the HPL compact panel, in terms of mechanical, physical and chemical resistance, and for the ease of cleaning of the outer surface. This panel can also be treated with the antibacterial Sanitized® silver phosphate technology. The inner part of the panels are fitted with vertical racks of galvanized steel sheets 10/10 THK which are then fixed to the panel with EURO screws.
It is mounted to the structure by a movement from top to bottom on hooks. The special pin holes give the panel a self-centering movement.


Headwall e Wallsystem

The available range is vast.
The nuances are oriented along all the shades of gray for the clinical area, the range of blue and green for the patient area, up to more assertive green, earth and eggplant in family brushstrokes. accessories are also characterized by the color, which becomes in this way a real connotative system of the space and indicative of the devices.

Specialist Headwall and Casework

Here the color range essentializes and acquires above all a firm tone.
Although obvious, the contrasts contribute to the light and harmony of the space.
The clinical area is characterized by sea-grass, the patient area by blooming greens.
The accessories range from chic aubergine to the blooming green and to citrus orange.
The coating is very clear, white pepper.

Critical care

The available pantone colour chart allows a vast choice, characterizing the environment with shades of orange, purple and blue.
Ethereal azure for the clinical area, chic aubergine for the patient area, blue diamond for the staff area, from the grand brown to chic aubergine to citrus orange for accessories.
The coating is optionally white pepper or douches.
The colour designs the space and indicates the accessories.
In the ideal room of critical care the healthcare personnel operates in an environment, warm, bright and alive.


Dedicated domotic system

The basic configuration contemplates for the ambient, ceiling lighting, wall lighting for reading and emergency lighting placed in proximity to the bed.
Also provided is an integrated indirect light placed above the equipped wall and LED RGB illumination for chromo-therapy to improve the comfort and overall quality of the room.
A LED spot light is situated near the patient and facilitates illumination for reading or for conversation. A dedicated home automation system allows the management of the light by Touch control NAVILUX® with capacitive technology and with an acoustic and visual feedback. Glass pushbutton control with touch control technology.
The ambient light is customized through the use of default settings.

Patient Room

Hospitalization area. Wide range of modules.

Critical Care

For specialized departments. A wide range of customizable elements.

Exclusive Suite

The new concept dedicated to hospital stay. Versatility and flexibility.

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