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Casaluci Healthcare means design, research and development of innovative, advanced products aimed to fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals and patients.
We develop unique and effective solutions, guaranteeing products and settings capable of satisfying all requests.

From design to materials to implementation, the skills are many to offer the highest quality products.
Furniture for hospital wards, turnkey prefabricated operating theaters, services systems; whatever is the need, Casaluci Healthcare integrates the entire cycle: design, production, installation and customization.

A single company that internally designs and manufactures every single piece, following its life up to the supply and installation, able at any time to remodel and modify parts of the structure to adapt them to the needs of customers and applications.

High quality, politeness, design versatility, reliability, speed of production, flexibility, excellence of materials and solutions.
Inimitable, highly competitive, unique products.


The quality of the turnkey solutions by Casaluci Healthcare, is the optimal answer to the needs of hospitals and medical structures that are focusing on guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy of treatments, quality and comfort.
Our products undergo all the necessary tests and checks for the certification.
The employment of highly qualified human resources and the use of the latest generation of CNC machines, permits the integrated management of the entire production process and guarantees high quality finished products, entirely Made in Italy.


Project and materials, design and technology, tradition and innovation, are perfectly integrated to create unique and performing products. The know-how from a long artisan experience is combined with the latest technologies to create high quality products, with a unique attention to details, and anticipating what may be the needs of healthcare structures in the future.
Designed and manufactured entirely in-house, all these products constitute an ideal combination of design and technology, tailored for every need.


CASALUCI Ltd is a certified company:
UNI CEI EN ISO13485-2016 (ISO 13485-2016)
UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001-2015)

Concerning the following kinds of Processes
Design, manufacture and assistance of totem and bed head beams for medical gases and vaccum pipeline systems.
Design and construction of operating rooms and rooms for hospital use
System complies with the requirements of directive 93/42/CEE Annex II.

Changing Hospitals

The future of Healthcare is continually evolving to respond to an ever increasing demand for adaptability to the differing care needs for different pathologies.
For Casaluci Healthcare, this equates to ensuring maximum flexibility to accommodate change, with minimal expense and discomfort, the fast evolution of medical technology.
Keeping in mind that patient stay in the future means environments designed for the patients in an ever changing world of new opportunities for cure.
Product centric with the aim of providing designers with a configurable system and at the same time ensuring that health personnel and their patients have areas tailored to their needs for care giving and hospital stay.




Giuliano Casaluci



Flavio Casaluci



Valerio Casaluci

Design and development

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