BED HEADS UNIT → Totem Hydra and Totem Spazio

Totem Hydra and Totem Spazio: two bed head units with patented built-in room-devider system. Unique in their own way, they are designed and built to meet the needs of privacy and care in wards, hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities for the elderly.
Totem Hydra is designed primarily for hospitals due to the wide range of clinical features.
Totem Spazio combines space, the range of clinical function, a particular elegance and attention to aesthetics, details that make it particularly suitable for hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Combining modularity and flexibility, the system goes beyond the traditional obsolete concept of bed head beam, ensuring a very wide versatility, adaptability, permeability to the new requirements of the design and use in health care. Design and high-tech content integrate easily accessible medical services. Completely innovative, patented and unique, the room-divider system totally retractable and removable, with a pivoting swing movement, equipped with two handles in brushed aluminum making it easy to handle. The movement takes place by counterweights housed in the internal vertical part of the totem pole and enclosed by a cover casing. The roller blind system, dual-drive with push down pull and lift spring, a sophisticated mechanism housed in the command of the puller, which allows the partition to be positioned at any level with extreme precision. The partition is made with the innovative fabric “Biomaster”, mold resistant, easy to clean, durable, fire-retardant Class I. The particular action of silver ions inserted in the same fabric composition makes the fiber Trevira “Bioactive” antibacterial and particularly suitable for environments where the prevention of infection is extremely important.




The structure avoids the caregiver to work the over the patient’s head, simultaneously giving all clinical functions necessary thanks to the integrated system of medical devices.


Thanks to the position of the devices, medical staff can operate the equipment easily.


Maximum ease of access to the instruments during both installation and maintenance.


Unique system with integrated retractable roller blind


High level of hygiene is guaranteed thanks to the reduced surface space and choice of materials.


Class IIB Medical Device complies with European Directive 93/42/EEC.

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