THE NEXTSYSTEM → Patient room

A perfect union of aesthetics, use of materials, innovation and technology is the ideal ward, the core of the Nextsystem.
The atmosphere is intimate, welcoming, versatile, ductile. Made to measure for patients, their families, healthcare workers and medical staff.
The surface is the interface of the technology. Beyond the aesthetics, the functionality provides ease of access to the instruments.
Innovation opens to solutions. Wise combination of colours and materials that ensure comfort. Attention to detail is everywhere.


Headwall and Wallsystem

The heart of the system is the ideal hospital room. The surface realises the interface of technology.

Specialist Headwall and Casework

Patient area and clinical area are perfectly integrated. A wide range of modules.

Critical Care

For specialized departments. A wide range of customizable elements.

Materials, Colours and Lighting

Combination of colours, lights and materials to optimise the comfort of the environment.

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