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THE NEXTSYSTEM → Specialist Headwall and Casework

Dedicated to specialist departments, the Nextsystem amplifies the potential of the system.
The hospital modules are equipped with elements that are customisable for Headwall and Workcase configurations functional at critical areas, specialist units, emergency wards.
New ergonomic and rational compositions respond functionally to the needs of doctors and
healthcare personnel, for emergency management and safety at work. The sanitization module guarantees the security needs.


Careful attention was paid in the design phase to the position of the apparatus in the special headwall. The apparatus are placed laterally and at a comfortable height for the medical staff to gain access.

The clinical equipment is positioned to allow good visibility and ergonomics. Sockets, switches and devices are placed inside the ergonomic flow area for ease of use for the medical staff.
2a The modules are equipped with primary clinical services for patient care (medical gas outlets, electrical outlets, data ports, accessory bar and the monitor support).
2b Modules with additional services dedicated to patient care and accessories for medical devices.


The structure rests on a leveling base consisting of three 12/10 THK galvanised steel profiles coupled together in a telescopic structure with an integrated leveling device complete with adjusting feet. Thanks to the particular construction, the mounting is easy.
The frame module is made of a 12/10 THK galvanised steel structure (mullions and transoms). The precise geometry ensures easy maintenance and implementation of the system. The profile is arranged for the easy snap installation of the cladding.
The geometry guarantees ease in all the operations from maintenance to implementation of the system.
It is possible to install structural reinforcements onto the substructure.
Implementable technological devices.
Modules are supplied mounted and complete with accessories.



Internal ABS side trays injected mold polymer (60x40cm), available in three heights. Compliant with International Standard ISO 3394, 1984.

Equipped with LED lighting: blue light acceptance, red light error message.

A soap and sanitiser dispenser combines design and technology perfectly integrating the full range of THE NEXTSYSTEM. It is a touchless dispensing pump.

Rounded and compact shape designed for easy cleaning. A photocell system allows the flow of water. A lever is equipped in case of failure or electrical problems rendering it always useful.

Headwall and Wallsystem

The heart of the system is the ideal hospital room. The surface realises the interface of technology.

Patient room

The heart of the system is the ideal hospital room. The surface realises the interface of technology.

Critical Care

For specialized departments. A wide range of customizable elements.

Materials, Colours and Lighting

Combination of colours, lights and materials to optimise the comfort of the environment.

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